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FarmboxRx delivers fast, meaningful, and scalable nutrition solutions that inspire a healthier tomorrow

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FarmboxRx is more than a box of food. We are an engagement solution that uses nutrition and health literacy as a vehicle to empower individuals with knowledge and promote informed decision-making around their health.

We provide meaningful, scalable, and medically appropriate quality improvement programs that advance health equity and inspire self-efficacy amongst your members.

Our Services

At FarmboxRx, we believe food is medicine. We also believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, nutritious foods as a part of their care plan, regardless of socioeconomic disadvantages.

From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, essential pantry goods, and even ready-to-eat prepared meals, we ship millions of pounds of healthy foods to homes across America monthly.

However, we are not your average grocery vendor. We believe healthy food is a valuable and meaningful member engagement tool.

FarmboxRx uses healthy food as the vehicle to drive engagement in care plans and lasting behavioral change so your members can live a healthier life.

We incorporate a range of services uniquely designed to improve
your member health outcomes, including:

Health Literacy

Accessible educational materials to empower individuals with knowledge and promote informed decision-making – branded and voiced from your plan!


Support from our inhouse team of Compliance, Stars, and Product experts to develop programs which meet the unique needs of your membership and the goals of your organization.

Customizable NutritionSolutions

Tailored nutrition programs (in food & produce, meals at hospital discharge, and meals beyond a limited basis) that address acute and chronic specific health conditions and dietary needs.

Secure &

Committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance and regulatory adherence in all our programs and service delivery. We design our programs to align with industry regulations.


FarmboxRx is dedicated to changing the way the healthcare system engages members in

improving health outcomes, proactive disease prevention, and chronic condition management.

Some highlights of how we have helped healthcare organizations increase member engagement include:


Completed Vaccinations

91% of participating members received at least one of five required vaccinations


Health Risk Assessments

100% of participating members completed their health risk assessment


Annual Wellness Exams

92% of participating members completed annuals wellness or saw their primary care provider for a checkup

Partner With FarmboxRx To:

Create quality, scalable, and medically appropriate health literacy programs specific to the needs of your members.

Empower engagement between your members and your program benefits – reducing your organization’s overall costs.

We're proud to be the first health plan in Minnesota to offer the FarmboxRx fresh produce delivery and nutrition education program as a benefit to our members. Many seniors are facing challenges to food access like never before, especially among our MSHO membership. These fresh produce boxes will help improve members' access to reliable, nutritious foods that make a big difference to their overall health and quality of life.

Jim Eppel

Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer, HealthPartners

Molina’s partnership with FarmboxRx ensures our members can access nutritious foods that help them live a healthier life and avoid diet-based health challenges impacting far too many New Mexicans. We are proud of our work addressing the health disparities existing throughout New Mexico and are pleased to expand this program and reach even more of our members.

David Nater

Plan President, Molina Healthcare of New Mexico

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